All marketing starts with the consumers. Or alternatively in B2B – from the customer. Therefore, we dig deeper than others according to the wishes and aspirations of individual requirements. On the basis of motives and barriers we organise brands and product groups so that they are experienced in their current environment as unique and valuable.


We rely on well known expertise, for example the brands DNA wheel and high-quality counterparties in qualitative and quantitative market research such as concept m, K & A Brand Research or Rheingold.


What you can expect from us

Prefabricated opinions or standardized processes, high-flying young dynamicists, consultant blah, replaceable matrix representations, anglo-german word garlands – all of this we will spare you of. In its place, we guarantee 110% commitment, experience, a lot of feeling for your brand and your goals and a top level strategic partner.

We go by your goals – not our ideas. We do what is important and right for you and not what is most convenient for us. We are your partner – honest, pragmatic and fair.