Brand Ambassador Sharp

Even if many consumers still have reservations – large format TVs are a trend. Our campaign is designed to convince dealers of „big sizes“, rise consumer demand and position Sharp as the No. 1 vendor of premium-LCD-TVs.

sharp-gross-wortmann sahrp-gross-andrea sahrp-gross-fachanz

Four stars from TV, sports and culture serve as models for the consumer. Under the motto „Treat yourself to something big“ Hadi Teherani, Ludger Beerbaum, Sönke Wortmann und Andrea Sawatzki demonstrate just how perfectly AQUOS matches their lives. Whether in salesfolders, POS-posters, pop-ups or product-brochures – the celebrities give a face to the large formats and forcefully promote Sharp‘s premium claim.

Result: Sharp was able to improve its position within the „big sized“ category considerably and the campaign was honored by dealers as well as trade-magazines.

  • Client: Sharp
  • Task: Campaign Development