Trade Campaign Sharp

When it comes to introducing a new product to the market the retailers are the main contact group. Only if they understand the new technology and are excited about it will they inspire others. We have convinced them of the many benefits attached to the new generation of devices by using a step by step mailing.

The first mailing dramatises the secret of the new generation of Sharp LCD TVs. This included a product information brochure and a sales folder.


The second mailing contained a portfolio of useful, technical product information and useful tips for product selling.


Fit for LED: Styled like a „How and Why Wonder Book“ we teach dealers everything they need to know about LED.


New products, new techologies – lots of questions: With POS- and training-materials that help dealers to convince with competence we give the right answers in time for market introduction. Pull- and folding-card: the trump card when it comes to explaining complicated technology in a simple way.

  • Client: Sharp
  • Task: Trade Campaign