Package Design for DeBeukelaer sweet

Made to enjoy

To differentiate themselves from private labels with aggressive prices and prevail against the strong blocks of main competitors, DeBeukelaer wants to raise its profile at the POS. For this purpose, the design of the sub-brands Cereola, KEX, Granola and Butterkeks needed to be revised and unified.

The look developed by KloseDetering reinforces the brand and gives it a striking, attractive POS appearance. The uniform red color code creates synergies and makes DeBeukelaer more visible for consumers – bringing high attention and a strong block on the shelf. At the same time the new product images awaken a desire to enjoy and stimulate customers to buy.


Storytelling strengthens the brand. From now on Edouard DeBeukelaer tells us about the fascinating story behind the product on every package.


  • Client: Griesson DeBeukelaer
  • Task: Relaunch Packaging-Design