This one has to fit!

NUR DER is the new underwear brand for men. Klose Detering developed for the innovative Boxer Short “Cotton 3D FLEX” – a TV spot with star power.

Famous handball player Lars Kaufmann plays together with his Bundesliga colleagues Morten Dibbert and Maik Machulla to duel against computer generated giants. An intense handball match follows. Kaufmann & Co. are victorious, thanks to the superior movement technology of the Cotton 3D FLEX invincible – and the boxer shorts always remain in perfect shape.

The production also relies on innovative technology: The latest motion capture technology brings the 3D giants to life, all movements appear uncannily human and realistic. The spot is launched during the Handball World Championship, therefore ensuring the attention of the sports-loving target audience.

  • Client: NUR DIE
  • Aufgabe: Product Introduction, TV ad