Think in new dimensions. Everything you could previously only imagine can now actually be realised: with technically innovative and visually inspiring solutions by KD Interactive. We make brands come to life on the internet.

Lots of feeling for the web

Websites, display ads, social media campaigns, or mobile apps – we deliver clean implementations that can be seamlessly integrated into your overall strategy. On request, you can receive strategic and technical advice already during the initial ideation: always with the aim to make your digital brand world as attractive, informative and intuitive as possible.


Brands need a clear strategy – also on the internet. KD Interactive helps you define and archieve your goals. Whether you improve your image, increase your sales or attract new customers – we also make sure that all measures seamlessly join into your overall strategy. We analyse not only the market, target groups and competitors, we also take into account long-term trends and technological advancements.


Your website has 8 seconds to make a visitor decide to stay. After that, every other user is gone. On average, more than 90% leave after 30 seconds. Be better than average! Talk to us! We show you how to find and bind new users.


Your success on the Internet depends on many factors – your website being among the most important. Do your visitors find the content they are looking for? Is the navigation quick and user-friendly? Does the site comply to current standards and can it be read by search engines? KD Interactive ensures that you can answer „yes“ to all of these question. We develop websites, that not only run safely but can also be maintained and serviced without difficulty.


First impressions count, if you want a site that “clicks”. The screen design must captivate and fascinate the visitor – and intuitively lead him to the information that he is seeking.
KD Interactive gives your website the necessary structure and radiance. Our web design is logical, quickly ascertainable and enables a CI-compliant experience of your brand on the internet. We employ the latest trends and technologies but also ensure sufficient compatibility so you reach as many consumers and devices as possible.


You are online but no one can find you? Your site has far too little traffic? We attract new visitors to your site – quite simply: by search engine optimization. With newest knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), we get your website to the coveted top positions: at Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as on YouTube and Facebook.


Whether it‘s a website, an online shop or a mobile app – with professional programming everything works better. KD Interactive has the necessary know-how. From simple HTML conversions via PHP to sophisticated CMS systems with their own programming language, we will find a suitable solution. We quickly and easily produce web pages for your product or event – even for spontaneous marketing campaigns. We guarantee error-free and future-proof programming that can be extended and expanded at any time.

Social Media

Social media has long been established as a separate form of communication on the Internet. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and already link more visitors to websites than some search engines. Messages are not only spread but specifically recommended. This provides new opportunities for companies. Used properly, marketing, sales, PR and product development can benefit enormously from social networks. We show you how to use your opportunities and how to avoid risks.

Moving image

The future belongs to moving pictures. Even today, every third user watches online videos daily. Via television, computer, tablet or smartphone traditional media, internet and telecommunications start to merge. Even for small and medium-sized enterprises attractive multimedia content can inexpensively be manufactured and deployed.

KD Interactive shows you how to use the new possibilities to generate more traffic and sales and expand your market position with new business models.