DeBeukelaer Uncle Cracker NatSnacks

A good example for a successful brand- and product launch.

Griesson – de Beukelaer is one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in Europe. In 2015, the manufacturer will introduce “Uncle Cracker”, a new sub-brand for salty snacks, along with launching a new product.

• Positioning and brand building for “Uncle Cracker”
• Positioning of the new product “Uncle Cracker NatSnacks”
• Packaging design for Uncle Cracker NatSnacks
• Commercial communication (salesbox, sales folders, trade paper ad)
• Development of the Uncle Cracker NatSnacks website

Naturalness is all the rage. That’s why we build the brand around the merry farmer “Uncle Cracker” and his passion for salty snacks made from natural ingredients. In addition, we position the innovative launch product “NatSnacks”: The sensational new way of snacking is made from just three ingredients – and is the 100% natural alternative to crisps.

To make Uncle Cracker NatSnacks convince customers at the POS, we develop an eye-catching packaging design with high appetite appeal. The modern design relies on powerful colors to differentiate the different varieties. At the same time we achieve a pleasing natural look. This makes Uncle Cracker NatSnacks a unique eye-catcher that animates to buy them right away.
verpackung_natsnacksWe also enthuse the trade for Uncle Cracker NatSnacks via a highly attractive SalesBox, a large-format sales folder and a convincing ad in the trade paper „Lebensmittelzeitung“.




Finally, our webdesign for picks up on the package design, presenting brand and product in the most delicious way.





  • Client: Griesson – de Beukelaer
  • Task: Brand launch and product launch
  • Website: