Consumers not only follow their head, but also their feelings. Therefore, we make the brand and its products an emotional experience: with advertising that moves people – because it is surprising, involving and relevant.

A lot of feeling for good advertising

At the core of our work is always a big idea. A central theme with a motto and key visual that can be implemented in all media: whether TV, print or radio, whether fair, promotion or simple direct mail – we communicate the same message on all channels.


TV commercials are an art in itself. Ideally, they tell a proper story with a beginning, middle, climax and end. In less than half a minute feelings are aroused, sympathies are won and problems solved by USP – of course with a nice punchline and a „twinkle in the eye“. KloseDetering knows how to tell stories in interesting ways and how to fill them with relevant content. Our TV campaigns have high assertiveness and consumer acceptance. They demonstrate the brand philosophy and give it an appealing image.


Print advertising is effective if it is well done! You can attract attention at a glance, arouse desires and transport entire brand worlds. And at the latest when the viewer takes the time to look into the copy, we have sparked a rare thing: curiosity. The most creative ideas always come from a specific product benefit. Only then are they relevant to the reader – only then is he willing to take the time to deal with the content.

Direct Mailings

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – this applies to people and brands as well as for mailings. A few seconds mean life or trash. In this timespan we have to convince the recipient 100% that it is worthwhile to read on. We offer countless options and formats with which you can appeal to your targeted customers, involving and activating way. Whether online or offline: You can communicate personally with both small and large target audiences, generating direct response and measure the success of a measure directly and accurately.


Brochures are like books – they can inspire or bore. Who wants to captivate the reader has to win him anew with every page: with interesting content, surprising images and understandable words. Brochures by KloseDetering invite the consumer to read on. They arouse fascination through information and make the story behind your brand and your products come to life. With convincing arguments, realised in first-class artisanal quality.


In Germany, there are over 770,000 registered brands. Why should dealers list your particular product? To this, you need to find a sound commercial answer. We think like the trade, arguing from his perspective and prove the main messages with facts and figures. After all, nothing brings your products to the shelves faster than a credible win-win story.


Whether you are launching a new product, support the sell in or promote the sell-through – Promotions offer them 1000 and 1 ways to reach your target groups. The following applies: the more creative the idea, the greater the success. We will find you the communicative igniter which brings your promotion concisely to the point. Whether in-pack or on-pack, online or offline – our promotions tempt people to join in and get you unusually good sales with unusual actions.